Dostoevsky Society of Japan Symposium report, Feb 2023

“On February 21, a Symposium on Dostoevsky was held at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in Nagoya Japan, with a keynote lecture by former IDS President Vladimir Zakharov. Presentations were in Russian and Japanese, with thoroughly prepared power-point slides and the translations provided; all the participants (online included) were able to join in the academic exchange. There were nearly 100 people, on and off, from the Dostoevsky Society of Japan, attending the symposium online. In the afternoon there were four presentations, and it turned out to be a genuinely academically stimulating afternoon, with young scholars confidently presenting their papers in Russian.

Two days after the symposium at Nagoya, Vladimir Zakharov also gave a presentation at the University of Kyoto on the state of Dostoevsky Studies today. The seminar was hosted by Professor Tadashi Nakamura, president of Japan Russian Literature Association.”