4 May 2021 – “Illuminating the chaos and obscurity”: Ferrante and Dostoevsky in dialogue

Thursday 6 May 19:00 UK time

Elena Ferrante is one of the most critically acclaimed and popular novelists on the global stage today. Her works offer reflections on the nature of good and evil, explore issues of poverty and sexual violence and contemplate the role of the writer. These concerns are common in the works of the 19th century Russian author Dostoevsky, a writer to whom Ferrante herself has acknowledged a debt.

This free online event, hosted by the Ilkley Literature Festival, brings together in conversation Dr Sarah Hudspith, a scholar of Dostoevsky, and Dr Olivia Santovetti, an expert on Ferrante, both members of the University of Leeds Centre for World Literature. They will discuss the resonances between Ferrante’s and Dostoevsky’s novels, read and comment on selected passages, and take questions from the audience. The event is chaired by Dr Richard Hibbitt.

Link for more details and registration: https://www.ilkleyliteraturefestival.org.uk/events/illuminating-the-chaos-and-obscurity-ferrante-and-dostoevsky-in-dialogue